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The market has not priced in the potential difficulty in meeting those targets due to the so-called "blend wall," the bank said. That blend wall represents what oil companies say is the 10 percent saturation point for use of ethanol in gasoline without a major overhaul in infrastructure and vehicles. RIN prices for 2016 compliance eased off the session's highs to trade at 91.5 cents each, 3.5 cents above Tuesday's highs. Biodiesel (D4) RINs traded up to 96 cents each, from as high as 92 cents on Tuesday. Wednesday's gains suggest some traders, gas blenders, and refiners may be loading up on credits, fearing a repeat of the surge in prices seen three years ago and as demand for diesel and gasoline have remained surprisingly robust. A rise in costs of the credits could hit refiners like Valero Energy Corp and PBF Energy Inc, Goldman said. In 2013, prices vaulted over $1.40 as traders and refiners fretted over a potential shortfall of the credits, which are generated with each gallon of renewable fuel produced. That buying frenzy fueled criticism among refiners who complained about the additional cost of complying with government mandates. Goldman's note came as biofuels supporters and critics have flooded the EPA with nearly 6,000 comments ahead of a July 11 deadline for comments on the May proposal, according to a federal government website on Wednesday.

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